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Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
Every 1st day of each month the great Hall of Fame tournament is announced, be sure to win your seat for glory.

MU-Legacy Hall of Fame tournament rules:
- You can Participate by contacting our online GM during the event.
- It's forbidden to use Pets and Mounts.
- Once you`ve been teleported to the event, no matter what the reason, you have no right to ask or request from our GM to teleport you back unless you forfeit.
- You have to be prepared with Potions, etc. before starting the event.
- You are not allowed to use skills during the tournament, unless you are dueling.
The prosecutors will be warned once and will be disqualified for a second violation.
- Do not argue or offend the GM.
- There's a 3-minutes duration, if one of the heroes is Disconnected, after that he is removed from the tournament. If he appears within a minute and he is disconnected for a second time, and he returns again, it will be counted as 3 point for the opponent.
- using Buffs is not allowed before or during the fight.
- Keep quiet and don't spam in chat.

Forbidden skills:
BK - Twisting Slash, Rageful Blow, Shield Skill.
SM - Teleport, Lightning.
ME - Ice Arrow, Recovery.
MG - Twisting Slash
DL - Earthshake

The Fight:
- You will be first asked if you are ready with a ready? question.
- Write yes if you are ready.
- The fight will begin once the GM writes Go.
- The first player who reach 3 points wins.

The Reward:
5000 Credit for each class winner and 2 weeks VIP Gold membership.

# Name
Level Reset(s) GReset(s) HoF 1st HoF 2nd HoF 3rd
LuciferUY 400 0 200 0 0 0
Moon 400 60 162 0 0 0
Upset 350 60 96 0 0 0