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WEBSHOP : New Ancient Sets
Posted on on July 7, 2022 @ 13:23

New Ancient Sets [Webshop]

New Ancient Sets were added to the Webshop after the last update,
total of 10 ancient sets for Black Dragon, Grand Soul, Holy Spirit, Dark
Steel, and Thunder Hawk.

Here's the list of the Sets:

Ancient Mahe's Set

  • view Bronze Shield
  • view Black Dragon Pants

Ancient Avalon's Set

  • view Black Dragon Blade
  • view Black Dragon Helm
  • view Black Dragon Armor
  • view Black Dragon Pants
  • view Black Dragon Gloves
  • view Black Dragon Boots

Ancient Arnett's Set

  • Grand Soul Shield
  • Grand Soul Helm
  • Grand Soul Pants

Ancient Alvis's Set

  • Dragon Soul Staff
  • Grand Soul Armor
  • Grand Soul Gloves
  • Grand Soul Boots
  • Pendant of Water

Ancient Tayte's Set

  • Holy Spirit Helm
  • Holy Spirit Gloves
  • Holy Spirit Boots

Ancient Frigg's Set

  • Celestial Bow
  • Holy Spirit Armor
  • Holy Spirit Pants
  • Holy Spirit Boots
  • Pendant of Wind

Ancient Tyr's Set

  • Dark Reign Blade
  • Thunder Hawk Pants
  • Thunder Hawk Gloves
  • Thunder Hawk Boots
  • Pendant of Lightning

Ancient Frewen's Set

  • Thunder Hawk Armor
  • Thunder Hawk Pants

Ancient Khone's Set

  • Dark Steel Gloves
  • Dark Steel Boots

Ancient Frewen's Set

  • Great Scepter
  • Dark Steel Mask
  • Dark Steel Armor
  • Dark Steel Pants
  • Dark Steel Gloves
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