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BETA : Volume 2
Posted on on April 28, 2024 @ 17:04

Volume 2 Beta Server

Join our Volume 2 beta server to explore exciting new features, test gameplay mechanics, and share your valuable feedback. The beta phase ends on May 4th, with the official server launch scheduled for May 4th, accompanied by rank resets to mark the beginning of Volume 2. Join us today!


- New Items Bank system introduced (Press J) YouTube Channel.
- Reorganized in-game Rank table (Press F8) YouTube Channel.
- Updated "new character" bonus to grant 1000 stat in each ability YouTube Channel.
- New fast travel commands YouTube Channel
- Volcanus map added for spectating player duels.
- Updated XShop with new jewels, items, pets, and bundles YouTube Channel.
- Increased maximum IP connections to 10.
- Arranged in-game Commands window YouTube Channel.
- Updated Daily rewards and Battle Pass YouTube Channel.


- Introducing the new Volume 2 Kit: Origin Scale / Origin Serpent Sword / Origin Double Axe / Origin Scale Shield YouTube Channel.
- New Origin Chaos Dragon Axe YouTube Channel.
- Added new sets, weapons, shields, and wings for Seasons 6 and 7 YouTube Channel.
- Separate Monarch Sets now available for SM, BK, FE, MG, and DL YouTube Channel.
- Now trading available for Monarch Items.
- All weapons are now one-handed YouTube Channel.
- Boosted stats for Origin Items (Buff).
- Enhanced stats for Season 1 sets and weapons YouTube Channel.
- Improved quality of all weapons with new models and textures.
- Added skill to low weapons (Kris etc).
- Adjusted item rarity based on item sets (ex Dragon Knight is now Epic).
- Assigned a distinct 3D model to each Origin Relic YouTube Channel.
- All item X Y sizes categorized for easy arrangement (ex All weapons are 1x3).
- Introduced new item vouchers and added them to the XShop YouTube Channel.


- Added 4 eggs and 30 pets from Season 8 into the game and XShop YouTube Channel.
- Ghost Horse replaced by Phantasmal Steed with corrected data YouTube Channel.
- Introducing the new "Phantasmal Steed" mount in red.
- Phantasmal Steed Earth Shake Skill now usable by all characters.

JEWELS YouTube Channel

- Updated jewel models and introduced new jewels.
     - Evolution Stone (Evlove Muuns).
     - Jewel of Elevation (Upgrade items to +15).
     - Jewel of Absolution (Upgrade items to FO).
- Introduced a new Box of Jewels.

SKINS YouTube Channel

- Introduced new skins for all 14 characters (4th class).
- Resolved issues with 4th class Skins.


- New game Interface (UI).
- New game loading screen.


- Modified Castle Siege reward system.
- The winning guild and its allies receive the reward.
     - 5000GP Guild Master reward.
     - 4500GP Guild Assistant reward.
     - 4000GP Guild Battle Master reward.
     - 3500GP Guild Member reward.
- Only online members of the winning guild in Castle Siege map will get the reward.

NPC YouTube Channel

- Updated all in-game NPC shops with Full Option (FO) items.
- Updated Lorencia Buffers with a new system and models.
     - Blessing Lord (Lorenica 130 125) (All) (Critical Damage).
     - Blessing Wizard (Lorenica 130 127) (Silver)(Soul Barrier).
     - Blessing Elf (Lorenica 130 129) (Gold) (Greater Life / Greater Defense / Greater Damage).
- Updated the "Origin Priests" with new 3D models, following the provided set.


- Arena spots rearranged, average reset time now 3 to 4 minutes across all spots.
- Lorencia Naracondra is now still, perfect for combo practice.
- Sound added for the 'Dragon Master' Boss.

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