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UPDATE : Erohim Invasion
Posted on on January 26, 2024 @ 18:55
Hello Everyone,

aida   Erohim is one of the most powerful bosses that players can encounter in the game.
Dragon Master Erohim is known for its immense strength, high health points, and formidable attacks,
making it a challenging opponent for even the most experienced players.

Where can I challenge him?
You can find the Legendary Erohim in Land of trials where only Castle Siege winners may enter.

    What's the prize for winning the challenge?
  • - Monarch Shards (x3)
  • Monarch Shards
  • - Crafting Materials (x5) [Wood - Metal - Leather - Feather - Cloth]
  • Wood Metal Leather Feather Cloth
  • - Boxes (x2)

    How to Craft my prize?
    Go to Noria Chaos Machine to start crafting once you collect the required materials.
  • Monarch Sword Monarch Sword
  • (Chaosx1) (Monarch Shardsx4) (Woodx1) (Metalx4) (Leatherx1)
  • Monarch Scepter Monarch Scepter
  • (Chaosx1) (Monarch Shardsx4) (Woodx3) (Metalx2) (Leatherx1)
  • Monarch Shield Monarch Shield
  • (Chaosx1) (Monarch Shardsx3) (Woodx3) (Metalx3) (Leatherx1)
  • Monarch Wings Monarch Wings
  • (Chaosx1) (Monarch Shardsx3) (Featherx5) (Clothx2)
  • Monarch Cape Monarch Cape
  • (Chaosx1) (Monarch Shardsx3) (Featherx2) (Clothx5)
  • Monarch Relic Monarch Relic
  • (Chaosx1) (Monarch Shardsx10) (Metalx3) (Leatherx2) (Clothx5)

Monarch Relic Origin Relic is used to resurrect the monarchy power
Trade with Golden Archer in Devias to get the Monarch Set.

Monarch Sword Monarch Scepter Monarch Shield Monarch Set Monarch Wings Monarch Cape

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